Today top of the line SLR cameras have the ability to capture HD video.  Which means he Photographer of yesterday is now the Director/Videographer/Photographer of today.  Only a couple years ago the variance between video and stills in shutter to ISO sensitivity made it difficult to shoot the two different medium simultaneously.  Essentially capturing video and stills, especially with strobes, are two different animals.  I have spent this last year mastering this "dual" production issue.   I have always embrace technology, what it has to offer and what unlocked and even untamed  potential it holds.  This added twist to the photographers palate is exciting.. I have only scratched the surface of  the potential for "new" that has just been cracked wide open.  

Below are a few examples of video and stills shot simultaneous.




This Fashion Editorial accompanies a Photo spread in the Fall 2012 issue of Genlux Magazine. It was filmed on location in Big Bear California at Jenks Lake, Big Bear Lake, and the Oak Knoll Lodge. It is designed to look Nordic in mood and feel. It is the journey two sisters must take in mourning the loss of their father. The Piece is called SORG which is Norwegian for SORROW.


The above video "story" with accompanying images was published in GENLUX MAGAZINE.  The story follows a fashion editor checking into a hotel when she runs into an old flame. Their encounter .. CHANCE / LOVE.    Directed by Andrew Matusik, Art Directed by Vonetta Encarnacao, Executive Producer Stephen Kamifuji.  



This is a video accompanies my fashion editorial "Hanging in the Hamptons ...1979".  The video is intended not as a "story" but as a video version of the photo shoot.  A companion for a in store video display that would accompany the campaign.  


The original Tony Award winning Jersey Boys have grown up and are now the Midtown Men. In the launch of their web site and National Tour I shot a "day in the life" story for the Midtown Men. The Complete story can be seen on my web site :

Here are a few images from the shoot: