In 2005, digital photography was just starting to gain acceptance. Digital "post" in photography was stil based on retouching and image correction. I saw the vergence of the digital darkroom with digital capture as the new horizon. It was going to be a brave new world, and I wanted to be on the front lines pushing what this new medium could do. I had amassed so many travel images over the years I had a vast archive of "textures" to pull from to create my new composites. I had always been a fan of surrealism, and this is my very first experiment with digital composting with the goal being a digital surreal photo/image. I ended up doing a 4 image series and published the story in Atomica Magazine.

In 2009 I looked to Magritte for inspiration.  Genlux was doing the "art issue" and being a fan of surrealism was looking to pay hommage to great surrealist.  For story consistency we narrowed it down to one artist and Magritte subject matter was more conducive for a "fashion" narrative. 

In this next set of images I was inspired by Dreams and a slight ode to Escher.  This experiment is a 12 page editorial that could be combined into "one" complete surreal image.  Below you see part fo the composite and to the bottom right yo see how many PS layers I was working with.