In 2009 Rangefinder wrote an article on my "fusion" style of image collaging and compositing.  The digital medium was just at the beginning of its inevitable takeover of film.  The medium expanded the latitude of what "post processing" or dark room image development was capable of.  There  is this romantic notion that before "digital" images were pure and "natural". A notion of people who never worked the "dark room".  The analog dark room was a place of dramatic image manipulation.  Ansel Adams the standard barrier of classic photography was a master of dark room negative manipulation. The analog dark room had a latitude of papers, processing techniques, dodging an burring, masking, and color manipulation.  The Digital Dark Room has endless possibilities significantly grater then ever experienced in the analog world.  in 2006-2009 I was fascinated with what the digital "future" would hold.  I spent every opportunity pushing the new medium and helping redefine what "photography" would inevitably evolve into.