2012 was a year to bring balance to my life with philanthropy and giving back to the community.  I started volunteering with a 501c3 called Liberty CIty (visit:  Our organization has been making a difference large and small.  Through our Neighborly program we have adopted a LES low income housing project to give monthly care packages to it's residents; and this year we were able to give full Turkey Day dinners with all the extras.  We have established a "mentorship" with Convenient House of NY for homeless teenagers.  We have provided food and education scholarships for children in Africa.  When Hurricane Sandi hit our team was in the front line making delivering food, water, and man power to help with the aftermath.  Liberty City raised over 70K in relief aid and initiated Project Restore that solicited corporate partnerships and charity to help rebuild lives.  

One of the key components of being the "hands and feet" of God's heart is tapping into and utilizing the "talents" from the core volunteers.  I was very honored to have been asked to travel to Zimbabwe this last November 2012 to help tell the "visual" story of the Food Aid and School Scholarship program sponsored by Liberty.  However, while there we were able to see how much more could be provided and how the opportunity to really make a difference with Liberty City was so obvious, it seemed clear that we were being called out for this project.  

Through this vision we are now actively involved in the planing and building of a community center and youth center.  The documentation of our efforts in Zimbabwe are vital to raising awareness of the potential, possibilities, aspirations, plans and progress of our efforts in this hopeful and beautiful nation.  I plan to be a key part of telling this ongoing story; and give testimony by encouraging anyone to experience the joy and growth you can experience by selfless efforts to better the lives of the less fortunate.