When I made the decision to be a comercial photographer in 2000, I was just starting to assist and learn the tools of the "commercial" trade.  For two years I assisted and learned to shoot reflective objects, shoes, furniture, displayed clothing  watches/jewelry, and of course fashion.  I gravitated to the production dynamics of Fashion.  Fashion was dynamic and had lots of moving parts.  I was drawn to its complexity.  It is high pressure, multi-layered, and full of problem solving.  It is the adrenaline rush of shooting the three point shot, down by two, with one second left.  You must be ever to deliver under pressure, rise to the occasion and sink the shot.  

I started assisting and working with fashion photographers, most notably, Neil Kirk and Jerry Schatzberg.  I had also worked with the likes of David La Chapelle, Greg Lotus, and Tony Duran.  I ended up working exclusively with Neil Kirk traveling the world working on the likes of Vogue, Elle, Marrie Clair, and global fashion campaigns St. Johns, Escada, Hanro, Pink, Laura Ashley etc...  But after four years as his assistant, it was time for me to leave the nest and make by own way in the world.

I moved to New York, found a great apartment, an agent, and found work.  I have been blessed, and never take it for granted.  

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