Hello Dali - compositing

As I work through my fashion tributes to Surreal masters I combine all of my photographic past, present and future.  Let me break down the meaning of this:  

Past - I create all the elements and textures in my images by mining through my archive of images.  Fortunately for me I started my photographic journey shooting lanscapes and travel.  I would give myself assignments to capture great textures, scenes, and light when out and about in an adventure.  In the Dali inspired image below I was able to pull over 100 "elements" from images I shot in Paris, Rome, Venice, New Zealand and Alaska.  

Present - I am on assignment for the Genlux Magazine 2009 "art" issue.  I am shooting the fashion model with designer wardrobe and top Hair and Makeup artist all collaborating to make my vision come to life.  Utilizing Canon digital cameras, Adobe Photoshop and Apple Computers I digital capture, archive, proof, process, and post produce the color, contrast, tones, hues.. and of course cut out the images, retouch skin, shape model and reconstruct, fix or de-wrinkle wardrobe issues. 

Future.  There are some elements that I don't have textures for.  There are some elements I can't find "stock" to manipulate.  In these situations I rely on CGI.  After watching many movies starting in 2001, it was clear to me that there is NO reason to limit still photography to the physical world.  If Hollywood could produce whole other worlds that looked believable the technology must be able to apply to a "still" image.  For years I tried to collaborate with any friend who was learning Maya, or any other 3D modeling program.  I had great ambitious ideas that were never actualized... but I was able to get my limited outreach and resources to muster up a few people who were able to let me play in this realm.  In the Genlux Dali series each image utilizes some CGI element that I texture wrap from photography.  As I picked my inspirational Dali paintings, I knew there would be certain elements that would be near impossible to shoot with "real" imagery.  A perfect opportunity to push the "definition" of photography past its analog mother and start to look at it for it's real digital potential and capabilities.  In 2009 when I published this story, people wanted to label me a photographer/graphic artist.  So inaccurate to reflecting what happening in the evolution of image capture, processing and post.  Love it or leave it, its never going back.  Today photography students have never used film or analog darkrooms.  This medium is the now ... the esthetic and style it produces will define this generation of image makers/photographers.    

In "Birth of the Fashionista" I utilize my skills as a post production compositor, creative problem solver, lanscape photographer, fashion photographer, and image manipulator.  I pulled the background Textures from my archive of landscape images, the flags from images I shot at Burning Man, the Ooozze from a beauty shoot i did a year earlier. The obelisk is from Paris, the sand is from Venice Beach CA, and the "glass water wave is created in CGI and textured from the Pacific Ocean.   I shot the Faberge Egg through a store window... and the rest you can see in this time lapse.