Fine Art

For the past three years I have been showing my POP/Kitch and "digital" art.  I have had six showings: the Damon Dash Gallery, Tribecca; Create Fixate, Los Angles; M2 Gallery, Los Angeles, Chelsea POP, NY; and MLK POP, Beverly Hills.

This year I will be showing my new Fine Art Series. This series is inspired by O'Keeffe, Man Ray, the geometric symmetry of Kaleidoscopes, and an inspired dialog of symbolism of sexual pleasure.   

Like Man Ray who pushed the photographic medium in unexplored territory.  I have embraced the digital medium and have been pushing what it can do in expanding the esthetic of what is excepted.  The content of this series deals with interpretive sexuality.  This work utilizes non sexual leg positions composted to incite individual interpretive sensibilities.   Any individual rose peddel has no particular sexual quality but when grouped together with the sum and viewed in context of it's purpose, the human quality projects sexual connotations.  Sexual content in art is always controversial due to social constructs that make sexuality taboo.  This work is intended to challenge the interpreter and their sensibilities to create a mirror of self reflection and insight.  

Additionally, I try to establish a subtext through the Kaleidoscoping.  I feel the repetitive, patterning conveys  the "male" desire for quantity; the work reflects sexuality void of love.  Unlike the organic feminine quality O'Keeffe creates showing the beauty of reproductive allure,  this work is the exact oposite.  It is controlled, calculated, impersonal, with the subject matter being manipulated into sexual construct.  The work is symbolic and reflective.

Hear is a preview of a few pieces that will apear in the show.