Egypt in Venice

Exotic Location Production, less the cost.

Control, efficiency, cost savings... these are just some of the advantages to shooting exotic locations on simpler locations. Then using compositing and a good understanding of lighting, color tones and temperature and perspective to match key image to backgrounds. I can travel to the exotic location by myself or with an art director and shoot the backdrops. Come back to New York, match the "light" and place into the shot. Not taking a full production crew half way around the world obviously saves massive amounts of money. You are able to recruit better talent, since shoot is local and will lessen the time commitment. You reduce production time, and have much more control over the "elements" maximizing the number shots with increased productivity and fewer variables to "solve". All these advantages ultimately grant more creative control, greater efficiency, and lower cost. A may not be as much fun for the crew, but it certainly will help the bottom line.