A Look Back : Making of Manga

In 2008 Genlux Magazine commissioned me for their Japan issue.  I chose to pay homage to to Anime/Manga.  I was in Paris at the time of this assignment.  I thought it would be ideal to use the Manga with a Le Femme Nikita storyline.  The first thing I did was went to one of the best Manga stores in all of Paris to get some inspiration.  This along with internet research provided me with some base visual inspiration.  Then I went out to shoot textures all over Paris that would equate to the inspiration.  I was due back in NY so I would have to shoot the model there.  I do my casting and then shoot her in my loft.  I have general rough backgrounds figured out so I can make sure the hair light matches and get compositions correct.  I shoot, and now I have all the pieces of the puzzel.  The next step is to make selects and rough them into the rough layouts.  I figure out the story and and submit the rough for approval from the magazine.  Once we agree,  I can go into final post production.  The "polishing" of these images is well, lets just say the devil is in the details.