About Andrew Matusik 

Andrew Matusik, born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1969, first started taking pictures in college for the school newspaper. He had bought a camera intending to shoot landscapes like one of his inspirations, Ansel Adams. After graduating Occidental College in 1993 with a degree in painting, Matusik got a job that allowed him to travel and take photos.


After a couple years of traveling, he realized that he no longer wanted to be a starving artist and that photography could pay the bills. In 1997, Matusik got more serious with travel photography. For the next two years, he continued to build his repertoire of travel images. His plan changed, however, after he researched the market and came to the conclusion that it would be a lot harder for him to sustain himself through travel photography.


Matusik moved on to learning commercial photography. In 1999, he became a photo assistant for a digital studio for Robinsons-May department stores. Through this job, Matusik met Neil Kirk. For the next four years, he assisted Kirk in Los Angeles. During most of his time in Los Angeles, Matusik lived in his car to save money. In 2002, Matusik formed his own post-production company with Stewart Price. Ready for a change, Matusik left his assistant job in 2004 and moved to New York. He hired an agent and started working on runway shows, commercial shoots, and editorials.


Influenced by Steven Meisel, Nick Knight, Jerry Schatzberg, David Sims, and Richard Avedon, Matusik has shaped his talent to become one of the first and best compositing photographers. Many people may not know him as a compositor because a viewer may not realize that a photo is composited. Compositing takes Matusik’s travel photography of the past and blends it with the technology of the present to create images that move the medium’s aesthetic into its future. Matusik creates images that are impactful and dramatic with a bold influence of color and depth of field. He enjoys manipulating the environment to create fictional realities. It’s what he calls an equal negative positive relationship with space.


Matusik’s work was first published in Zink Magazine. And has since then been published in other magazines like Italian Vogue, GQ, Shape, Teen, Fortune, Genre, Lucire, Vibe and GenLux. His work was first exhibited at Crate Fixate in Los Angeles and Dash Gallery in NY. In terms of celebrities, Matusik has worked with Ellen Paige, Eve, Gal Gadot, Zachary Quinto, Nathan Fillion, Jersey Boys, Ashley Tisdale, Paris Hilton, and Hilary Duff to name a few.