A personal travel catalog...

When I started taking pictures, it was just an artistic exercise when I was traveling post college.  My degree was in contemporary painting and I was not shooting for any purpose except to capture interesting compositions and to be productive while seeking to see as much of the world as I could in my 20's.  My Travel/Shutterbug entry talks about how I transitioned into being a professional photographer.  This entry is more or less my catalog of travel photos (not including most of my Paris images, see Paris is my Muse).  

My "personal" work is simply that; no assignment, no purpose other then to capture a "moment" in time.  The light reflecting off a building showcasing architectural detail, people walking in the rain, a sunset...  Beauty as I see it, told through my camera.  It is my sensibilities, my esthetic, my narrative.  The beauty of the photographic narrative is that no two image makers truly see the world in the same way.  The same place, the same time, with the same camera... you will find that each image creator tells a unique story.  This is because each of their point of views resonate to their sensibilities and perception of content worthy of narrative.  

In a "retrospective" analysis of this body of "personal" work has shed light on me as a person and my compositional esthetic.  What was simply my attempt to capture some "travel" images has collectively help define my voice as a contributing image creator.  As I look at ALL my work both as a comercial photographer, as a point and shoot tourist, and even in my Gallery fine art work, a commonality of mood, composition, esthetic, emotion, perspective, and contrast ratios are always consistant.  By looking at work that was NOT assigned by anyone but myself, I truly started to appreciate who I am as a photographer, story teller, image creator.